Saturday, April 7, 2007

IE7 and Flash Problem Solved

UPDATE - at long last, I found the culprit - RegSeeker. It's a program that takes the crap out of your registry. It also killed my Flash everytime. I did a standalone install from the link below, and Flash is back. I returned the favor to RegSeeker and killed it.

ey aina 2 smaurt. Butt ey fixeded sumtin dat mi IT gies cudnit. Its ben a proablim fir munts. Wen ey useded ie7, my flash stupded wurkin. Wudnit wurkded in firefox edder. Ie7 wud saa ey gotsta dunlode flash agin. Sos ey didit. Lyke 50 millun timesa. Nuttin. ey gottsa reel maad n sheet.

ey goesed two IT. Deys set dis n dat. Re-re-rebuuts mi cumpuutr. “hunh,” dey seys, “it dunt wurk.” “kno sheet,” metinks.

ey luks all ovr da net. Tride pantlode of tings. ey luks in tools-options on ie7. sett big tiim surts of stuffses. Nuttin.

Sos kno ey fixeded it. ey didded too tings.

Won. Ie7. tools-options-security-custom level-display and animation on a webpage that does not use external media-enable

Too. ey went to this webpage and did a standalone installation of flash.

ey dunt no y zit big tiim wurkded butt it dided.

Yur wellcum. Tank u. havided a niic dae.

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