Thursday, May 24, 2007

cartoons from a budding nonconformist, continued

So, with the heat from the Figures of Authority growing more intense, the realization that but for having a website traceable to her, but for saying during study hall (to another student!) that she wanted cheap vodka and strippers for her birthday, she wouldn’t be faced with public excoriation. What’s girl to do but feel like, well, a dunce.

I disagree with the assessment, but I have stated that over and over again. My best friend had a conversation with the very same point guy with The Opposition. She summarized it perfectly, “It is interesting that you think there is just one kind of Christian.”

I recall a vignette I heard years ago. Two guys are very good friends in life. One dies and goes to Heaven. The other follows years later. Upon meeting his newly deceased friend at the door marked, “Heaven, this way. Reservations required,” a few questions are asked.

“Tell me,” new-dead guy asks, “what’s the most surprising thing about Heaven?”

“Well, I’ll tell you,” dead-a-long-time guy responds, “what I find most surprising is the people here that I knew in life and never figured them for Christians.”

“Very cool! How about the most shocking part?”

“Really, you want to know? The people that I knew in life that I was certain would be here, but aren’t.”

Now she is left with cartooning talent but self-imposed restricted content. “Just can’t think of anything to draw,” she says. She thinks, and realizes the idea is precisely that. Instead of having the light bulb go off above her, she sits on a pile of them and declares herself void of ideas.

Quit insightful for a young lady.

Her Blue Period kicks in. Well, some shade of grey, I guess. A happy elf? Sure doesn't look happy.

It is sad to me to see the colors and humor go away, leaving behind simply a talent for drawing. The vibrant thoughts streaming from brain to fingertips were tapped out like a plug in a maple tree during spring. A learning experience? Of what nature, pray tell?

Ah, a glimmer of hope. Yes, still shades of grey, still somber, but ... wait for it ... "Smile like you're on crack" (grammar correct, thank you, baby) and a snapping squad waiting for a mouse treat. Yes! Slowly but surely coming out of the fog, humor intact. So very cool!

There is still some unfinished business, however.

Remember the leader of The Opposition? Seems he was just reacting, at least initially, to a part-time volunteer, full-time gossip monger at the school. Seems she claims to have "accidently found" my daughter's cartoons on the net.

"Accidentally?" Really? How does that happen, exactly? I accidently find porn, telly tubbies, and gay sites (sometimes all on the same url). As of February 2007, there were 108,810,358 distinct web sites. And you just so happened to wander upon hers? Darling, take me to the race track with you, please. If there is one thing in this world that I detest, it is liars.

Oh yeah, the cartoon. Um, Ms. Liar Mom, it's you. You're welcome. Have a nice day. Glad we had this conversation.

So what does she do now? Plays her iPod and thinks. That's my girl. I love her so much.


  1. That Happy Elf one was sarcasm, Daddy. =]] Even had a nice little biography for the guy:
    "Meet Happy Elf.
    He is pretty mutha-f*ckin' happy. Can you tell?
    Happy Elf wants to meet that speshul someone.
    His hobbies include: Mail-order brides, getting wasted off of Jack, long walks on the beach, and 12-year old boys."

    I was actually working on coloring that horrific old lady-thing. I find it to be a coincidence that you placed her near your views on Ms. Liar Mom. Oh yeah. There's no such thing a coincidence, remember?

    Well. Never mind about that. ^^ Love you too.

  2. my girl, never such thing as a coincidence - so glad you remembered. it's a basic rule of intelligence gathering.

    speaking of good rules and what happens to the conformists, i am reminded of the 2d law of thermodynamics: over time, differences in temperature, pressure, and density tend to even out in a physical system that is isolated from the outside world.

    in other words, if something is isolated, it eventually turn to sh--t.

  3. Wow, I happened on your site, looking for art and wow, your daughter is quite talented, yet quite disturbed. If my daughter, at any age, was drawing blowing peoples heads off... well, lets just say there would be counseling involved. Good luck.

  4. thanks for stopping by. i suggest that you not turn a simple eye to creativity, or presume that "counselors" actually have solutions. i have a handle on her expression - sweetest kid you'd every meet. just creative - artist and musician. i also know a lot of docs and counselors - some of the most twisted people i know, and i used to practice cirminal law.

    good luck to you, too!