Tuesday, May 8, 2007

such old news

I really don’t want to write about politics anymore, but I am so tired of listening to the absence-of-weapons-of-mass-destruction-in-Iraq statements. An article that just launched my Roman Candle referenced the NYT saying, “we should have been more aggressive,” meaning that that socialist rag should have “asked the hard questions” before buying into their presence.

Hard questions from the NYT? “Um, Sen. Clinton, if you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Um, if it’s ok that we ask a question with possible ecological implications to Your Highness. We can withdraw it if you like. Even if you don’t like. Just nod your head or, um, just ignore me. I’ll understand. I remembered to not bring a recording device of any kind, including a pencil. And, by the way, thank you for the rectal exam by your bodyguard. I am 50 and needed one anyway. Glad to get it over with. So, Sen. Clinton, the t-t-tree. I can list some if you want. You’re ignoring me. OK. N-n-next q-q-qu-question. Um, have you thought about anything important lately? Never mind, I’ll leave. Thank you for your time. The $50,000 is in the envelope just like you s-s-said. Y-yes, that was me. I’m s-s-sorry. I fart w-w-when I’m n-n-ervous. Ha! He does? Wow. Me and President Clinton have something in common. Oh. Yes, Ma’am. I’ll never call him that again. That is your title. I understand. Yes, Ma’am. I’m leaving now. What? Why? I d-d-didn’t steal anything. Yes, Ma’am. I’ll have another rectal exam on the way out. Yes, Ma’am. Thank you for caring about my prostrate.”

No need for links to establish a case for the pre-war existence of WMD. The record is clear that Saddam, so rudely cut off in the middle of a prayer to snap his neck at the 2nd and 3rd or 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae (nobody sent me the autopsy report), used WMD to kill Kurds and assorted other people living in the country he ruled. The rather effeminate (not in a good way) United Nations says, “get rid of the WMD or force is authorized against you.”

This is the parting of the ways. The stories include transporting everything to Syria, lying scientists telling of stockpiles that didn’t really exist, distributing everything in small quantities throughout the country, and on and on. Doesn’t matter.

The bottom line is this: He refused to allow free access to the country to verify that the WMDs no longer existed. Without verification, all anyone was left with was trust.

Trust? The guy attached someone by his tongue to a utility pole, forcing the man to cut off his own body part. People he didn’t like were fed feet first into plastic shredders. His boys roamed the countryside on weekends to pluck virgins from wedding ceremonies, only to return them after deflowering. Torture and execution were commonplace and well-documented.

No verification + no trust = Authorized use of force. End of story.

"Yeah, b-b-ut we're still there! He had no plan for peace!" Wow. Shut up, my fake I-used-to-be-a-punk-rocker-so-I'm-tough-just-look-at-my-tattoos moron. How long were we in Germany after WWII? Japan? We are STILL in Korea. Vietnam? Did you just say Vietnam, that we got out of there quickly? OK, tell me how many people were murdered after we left. You can round it off to the nearest million.

Go home, son, leave the serious issues to the adults. When your fetal stem cells actually produce something of medical import (I think adult stem cells have you down about 70 discoveries to nil at present), let me know. We can meet at Starbucks and IM each other on their WiFi.

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