Monday, July 30, 2007


It’s been a long time since I have written here. Sorry to those three or four coked-up manic-depressives staring out at SF bay wondering why life is so thin these days. I know you have come to count seeing witty analyses and insightful instructions on how to give a damn as you wander from paycheck to paycheck looking over your parents’ belongings on Sundays in between and making a mental note what you can sell on eBay. I understand. I’m here for you. I loved you long ago, and that has never left me. Never could. If we met again, I probably would nod politely at the familiarity of your face, and laugh when you laugh, but I wouldn’t have much recollection. Age does that to people from away. I think it is the east coast water. With such a high percentage of the US population living here, you know the ground water supply had to get personal at some point. Stay in Cal. You’re safe there. Well, safe until Sac becomes beachfront property. But people saying the “big one” is coming are a dime a dozen – that’s like a nickel a piece or something like that. Walk around with a life preserver on; you’ll be fine. Does your car float?

So I’ve been working my ass off, that’s why I haven’t written at all. I am helping to design a distance-learning school for a group of post-secondary institutions. I am the academics guy – go figure. Yeah, I shake my head at the thought, too.

I hope you aren’t looking for discussion of news or politics. I quit both. Seriously.

I quit listening to liberals when some chick said that all women should be blowing Bubba Clinton for all he did for women. How incredibly embarrassing it must be to be a person anywhere near that women, someone so pathetically vacuous. I bet you your ears pop when she walks past your desk.

And then I quit listening to conservatives when they turned on W. All W is doing is finishing what he started, and everyone around him are weak-kneed pussies. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the war or not, W didn’t lie, nobody lied, everyone was on the same page, and we marched in. So it isn’t easy. So what? You think WW2 was a cake-walk? You read the old newspapers and read about the then-war-pussies? They bitched and moaned just like now.

So anyway, I am done with politics. Done voting, too. Nobody gets my encourage to give up there soul.

So why the broader news apathy? Libs run the presses; cons run the internet. There is no news anymore – it is all politics. They can all kiss my ass.

I write. Got a book coming out in 18 months or so. No more news until some blood is let. I do my job. I raise my kids. I talk to my twin. That’s my life. Focused. I like it.

I’ll start writing about it more. Promise.

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