Friday, August 24, 2007


Just writing. No structure; no purpsoe. Ambience – over on the right column under Beatles is “beatlegs podcasts.” I have Podcast #101 playing. It is labeled as if it is the August 19, 1965, Houston concert, but it is actually a splicing of a bunch of things that eventually leads to the start of the concert. All bootleg. The guy does a nice job. The Help! LP was released just two weeks before. The Beatles were in Atlanta the day before and Chicago the day after: What doofus planned their itinerary?

I was wandering through some blogs I haven’t read for a while. I like Totally Unauthorized for the blogroll on the right side. She’s fun to read, too, but the links can be a treasure trove. Except today.

I selected one (theresa duncan), curious to read another’s words; instead, I was presented with an obit. She was 40, some kind of actress. Seemed to have a whirlwind life. I googled her name and learned that on July 20 of this year she took her life. Then a week later, her boyfriend followed her. I went back to the blog and read several of her entries.

I returned to TU and tried a few more links, but just couldn’t get my wind back.

There was a time when I knew a lot of the daily activities of other people. I could close my eyes and see other places and other faces. I knew moods and expectations. What I perceived as interactions was supplemented later with actual tales. No more.

Be-Bop-A-Lula, she’s my baby / Be-Bop-A-Lula, I don’t mean maybe. Great song.

The other side of the road is a difficult place to be. Watching events from afar, catching partial conversations, and never knowing anything fully but the depth of the jagged cut of exclusion. Lest one forget, however, the “other side of the road” may not be the other side at all; it is all a matter of perspective.

I am now listening to portions of the Garden Fest / St. Peter’s Parish Church in Woolton tape of John Lennon from July 6, 1957 – the earliest recording of him performing. It was the same day he met Paul. It’s funny that such a tape even exists, but it sure is his voice. He would have been 16? Think so. Just switched to Pink Floyd – Animals and Wish You Were Here.

I’m trying to remember the name of bottled water that is common in convenience stores. Not Avian. I’ll come up with it. I read something a while back and then happened to have a bottle recently. Bottled-water companies have to disclose the source of their water. I have a Poland Spring bottle with me now, and it lists five or so springs. This other company listed their source as “Public Water Supply.” WTF? The tap. The bottle spends all this label space on filtering, purifying, filtering, purifying, filtering, and finally purifying one last time. Well, of course! It’s from the tap! I can’t come up with the name. Just be sure to look at the label for the source. Filtered tap water. Unbelievable. OK, was driving me nuts. Had to google it. Pepsi admits Aquafina comes from tap water. They had to admit it? The article states that Aquafina is the best-selling bottled water. What a shame. Great racket though. Gotta hand it to Pepsi. Do they produce any naturally healthy products?

From whence I came
I ventured out
No longer watching
Now participating
I felt alive
I felt brand new

But then I bled
Became a stranger
Struggled to hold on
Failing grasp
I found comfort again
From whence I came


  1. D'oh!!

    I thought I'd removed that link once she died.

    I'll make sure it's gone this time.

  2. i'm laughing. well, i shouldn't - the poor girl is dead and he took it rather hard, too. but it was nice to learn about her for a bit!