Saturday, September 15, 2007

haiku you

I go to Darwin Awards every once in a while. The premise is to give awards and honorable mentions to people that die in such a way as to provide creedence for Darwin's "survival of the fittest" concept - that is, truly people stupid always find a way to kill themselves.

I submitted a story one time. Some local was riding in an innertube behind a snow mobile and ate a tree. I thought it was rather unique. Turned out to be common. Oh well.

I was surprised to find on the site this time a forum on haiku. It set the following parameters;

The Easy Type: A total of 17 syllables makes a Haiku.

5 syllables for the line
7 syllables for the line
5 syllables for the line


3 syllables
5 syllables
3 syllables.

I pulled these from the forum. I made a few changes because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want to.

My genitals hold
My body high above ground
Now without body

Suspend yourself from
Wire around your genitals.
Ut oh: piñata.

I think for myself
Warning signs do not apply
To an immortal.

Homemade parachute
Not latest technology
Opens on impact

Death happens to all
Some happily wait to go
Some knock on Death's door

Death happens to all
To many, a quite tall wall
To some, not so tall

It looks like a bomb
Naturally I wonder:
What could be inside?

After fools rush in
Where angels do fear to tread
The fools become dead

True wisdom: knowing
That you should insert nothing
Into your rectum

Being inspired by such gifted writing, I took a few shots at it.

Waiting for the knife
To cut deeply once again
My blood lets for her

She runs swift as wind
Chased, hounded every night
By a changeling

There is never time
To love openly, truly
When self is utmost


My best friend
Died a thousand deaths
Then gave up


  1. My fu*king haiku:

    My male genitals
    Think that it would be painful
    To hang from wire.


  2. since you are a girl
    methinks you cannot understand
    my fear of wired things

    love, daddy