Friday, October 26, 2007

audio feed

i added something cool, well, cool to me, to the site. i tried once before to add an audio to the postings, but was stumped on a couple of tries. could get it to the sidebar, but not the posts. then i was on daily cup of tech and saw his "listen now" button. i followed the feed and found odigo dot com. not only free, but it automatically (and successfully) updated my template.

still trying to figure out some things. a couple of the articles below say "too short so not processed." not sure why. also, if i did it over again, i would have set blogger to display all of my articles before i signed up, not just the 13 i keep on a page. that would have given to me an initial conversion of a lot of stuff - then i would have set it back to 13. not sure if i can get it to do articles on demand. maybe i can edit and republish?

but still, free and easy. i love hearing the audio say, "peckerhead," "you are a peckerhead," "you are nothing but a peckerhead." i get joy out of small things.

however, i have yet to post since installing it, so we will see if it does it automatically. i may fall instantly out of love in a few seconds. i guess if you are hearing this, peckerhead, peckerhead, peckerhead, then i am still in love.

ah, the joys of a late fall romance!

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