Sunday, November 4, 2007

one sentence stories

I have mentioned it before, but One Sentence, true stories told in one sentence, is a site I visit every few weeks. If you go to the site, look at the tags on the bottom of the posts. It is more enjoyable to click on those and read the collections than to read the stories sorted by date.

I drifted through various tags and grabbed some stories … none of these written by me.


While on some level I regret reading her diary, knowing its contents saved me from many years of great unhappiness.

The lies exploded as you stammered to defend yourself but in the process I found myself to be bored with the whole being that was you.

In just those four words written on a brightly glowing computer screen, I realized that I'd lost the ability to trust anybody ever again.


Instinct told me to log onto his account, where I saw him telling her that he regrets being with me now that he's met her.

You constantly prove me wrong when I think you can't disappointment me any further.


It was the third morning in a row she had awoken from the same dream and knew, as she looked at her boyfriend sleeping next to her, that dreaming about another guy shouldn't have felt so right.

On the other side of that door, just moments ago, I heard my life getting that much more screwed up.


As I struggled with my human anatomy studies, I realized that I now knew the most effective way to slit my wrists.

The only thing that is organized in my life is my pill box.

I used to have nightmares that he would leave me, but now they are fantasies.

How fitting it was that my best friend's abusive husband died a painful death from melanoma of the rectum.

My mother, being enraged, screamed "You son of a bitch", to which I replied, "Yes, I am."

He longed for me for four years in high school and then forgot; I avoided him for four years in high school and then obsessed for ten about what could have been.


It's been almost four years, and I still can’t forget her smile as she walked away without a goodbye.


Our manager didn't know that you had to push a button to make the drive-thru window open again so her face got stuck.

Old people living on dog food because it's all they can afford must know about a brand I haven't tried yet.

It seemed quite fitting that he lived on a dead-end street.

One of the most humiliating moments of my life happened in front of my favorite musician, and the song he wrote about that moment is on his new album.

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  1. I totally agree with you about these stories. There is one about a dog with cancer that makes me cry every time I read it.