Tuesday, January 8, 2008

arkansas trash

Over the past year as the democrat primaries were moved forward in time, I felt that the Clintons were behind it for one simple reason: Hillary is not designed for long-term wear. She needed a coronation, not a mud fight. With her ability to raise money, the assumption was there that she would overwhelm all comers like a huge wave engulfs kids swimming just a few feet from shore.

Iowa comes. View the statements in and around the voting so far. The night before Iowa, Bubba talks about him losing that state, too. In NH, Hillary dismisses Iowa as NH being a “new state, a new day.” Bill said yesterday that Iowa made a mistake. Claimed people were voting for a “fantasy.” He said that the short time between Iowa and NH – which I continue to maintain he engineered – meant that voters were not casting based upon their hearts but headlines. Hillary cries, literally, about how hard it is on the trail, and then remains stoic as a supporter publicly and to her face mentions assassination and Obama in the same sentence. Funny, she was very quick to denounce some people holding up shirts asking her to iron them, as if a woman's place is in the home - why did that seem planted to me? She dismissed MLK’s work as only beginning when LBJ “passed” (she used that word) the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She somehow forgot to add that Senate republicans passed the Act over the strong objections of the democrats, including the rather vocal Algore, Sr.

How utterly despicable these people are. When the results go against them, they attack the voters as misguided lemmings. “Listen to me. I know what you should do. I am right – you are wrong.” I thought I was narcissistic. Naw, I know I am. But I do not hold a candle to these clowns.

Why is Obama so popular right now? Perhaps no more a reason than Jimmy Carter got elected: the democrats want a change. There has been 28 years of either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. Hillary wants that to be 32 or 36. Even FDR’s run ended at 20 years when Truman left office. It is time for a change.

It is time for Obama? I have no idea. I’m an independent with long republican roots. I will not vote in the primary. I will wait to see if I will vote in the general. I think Obama is going to get excoriated in the general campaign, but so does every candidate on the national platform. We’ll have to see if the heat tempers him or exposes structural flaws.

Hillary will get pounded today in NH. The real issue is how close to 50% Obama can get. If he cracks well into the 40s, then the fickle California crowd will follow his aura. That will toast Hillary. Her only chance is to sweep February 5. In the interim, she will lose South Carolina and Nevada. The latter has to be particularly galling to her.

I watched her Senate campaign as the NY Carpetbagger which was so carefully orchestrated to avoid any possibility of confrontation, of probing. Try as she might, that is just not possible in a presidential campaign. The national press, no matter how tightly in bed they were with her before, are egomaniacs drunken with their power. They love to take people down. The scent of blood blinds them. Hillary’s third-place finish in Iowa, even though by just tenths of a percentage point, was all they needed. Second place is no longer any good for her. She must win. The measuring rod has become the margin of victory by Obama. The longer the rod, the more blood in the water.

How much do these people lie? Bubba’s cell phone rings. He says that only Hillary has the number. Think about that. For everything the guy is involved in, from fundraising to fornication, all he has is a dedicated hotline to Hillary? Just does not ring true, not even considering that he has multiple phones but only one with him. His words ring as hollow as when he said, “I think we all know what we are talking about” as he dodged the “sexual relations” questions.

These people are trailer-park trash that has been dressed up to look pretty. They left their social strata and played with the elites for a long time based, in large part, upon Bubba being an “exceptionally good liar.”

It’s time to go home, people. In truth, we really never knew you, and what we did know we didn’t like very much.

What will be interesting is the next phase. When the Clintons lose their powerbase and are no longer feared by former associates, the books to be written are going to be exceptionally brutal. No, I do not feel sorry for them in the least.

Want a very bold prediction? Michigan moved their primary up considerably, and in a show of support with the national party, all of the major candidates withdrew and no longer appear on the ballot - except Hillary. Watch a groundswell of write-ins for Obama. If he wins that state based upon a write-in campaign, Hillary will lose it publicly and ugly.

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