Thursday, January 10, 2008

remembering picnics

The past comes alive sometimes. It is remarkable to me how I can remember some things so clearly. Since that TIA thing, I had whole swaths of my memory go poof! on me. So much is just not there or is reduced to 2D images without depth or affect of any kind. But some things remain. I wonder what the sort was that was used by my mind? Was it random or by design? I would like to think the latter. I remember certain smiles. I remember being at a carnival and these two young girls were so excited to be able to do whatever they wanted to. I love carnivals. The people that work them are such a unique bred. Hardened by the road. Memories come to me with scents – I don’t mean I catch a fragrance and a memory rises. Instead, I recall something and it becomes real for me, including the scents and sounds and touch. I remember a park by Harrisburg that I spent a lot of days visiting. I love the whole concept of parks. Teddy Roosevelt, right? Sir Edmund Hillary died today. He used to climb things. I remember walks by the water. Doesn’t matter if it is the ocean or a lake in a park; they are all so fresh in my mind. I’ve been to Yellowstone Park. I love picnics, although I have only had a few in my lifetime. I find it so amazing that someone would plan out a meal or a snack or anything along those lines, and then figure out the logistics of fitting into a square container, only to unfold this expansive meal. So very cool.

I love the drive I take occasionally to work in Virginia. Crossing the M-D line has always been special to me. Not sure why. I have always felt that good things lie on the other side. Is it just because it isn’t here? I felt the same way in California. Good things were there, too. Maybe the good things there up and moved, so I have transferred that in my mind? Now that’s just rambling, musing …

I wonder about past things coming alive again. Scary, familiar, comforting. There were some periods of relative safety. Those can come alive again.

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