Sunday, January 27, 2008

to die a noble death ...

Colette Mills, very ill with cancer: I would like to take that medicine.
NHS: Sorry, ma’am, we haven’t prescribed that drug for you.
Mills: Yes, I know, but it is my body, my illness, I would like to take it, please.
NHS: Sorry, ma’am, we have not prescribed it. Anyway, it is very expensive, about four thousand pounds.
Mills: I will pay for it myself. I am not asking that you do anything. Just let me have the drug.
NHS: Sorry, ma’am. The NHS has a rule – if you opt to pay for something privately, like this drug, then you have to opt out of the entire system. You will have to pay for your entire medical bill yourself. You will no longer be covered by the National Health System.
Mills: But all I want is this drug that may save my life!
NHS: Sorry, ma’am, rules are rules.

(Four months pass as appeals are made.)

NHS: Ma’am?
Mills: Yes?
NHS: About that drug, whether we would let you have it or not is a mute point. Your cancer has spread to the point where it will no longer help you.

Think I exaggerate? Read for yourself. Fuck you people and your solicalized medicine.

I am not going to research this topic. I know full well the system is a nightmare. Here is message board that seems to be up to date, and here are some highlights.

Socialized medicine. Too funny.

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