Thursday, February 7, 2008

eat till you die

Does work block certain websites? Use this link to override the blocks. But then again, maybe they blocked them for a reason? Like decreased productivity? Just a thought.

Here’s a hit-and-miss set of laws, with more categories on the left. The laws for tech include, Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

This is a well-done post of pics from around the world of families and the food they consume during one week. Notice how both the food bill and the shit increases as the locale comes to America.

I’m getting a little pissed off at all the mentions of fractals I see on the net. I haven’t a clue what a fractal is. Looks like a creative Spirograph thing. I prefer the gear-shaped wheels and colored pencils. Maybe that’s because I am simple. If you like fractals, here’s some free source code. Have fun, whatever the hell you are doing.

So Obama and Tubby Thighs. Think it isn’t over? They split the vote damn near even. The delegates are about even. But think about the broader structure. She had such a large lead – now they are even. That means that she is tanking and he is rising. Also, he brought in twice what she did in cash last month and is on pace to do another $30 million this month. She had to lend her campaign $5 million, presumably out of her futures trading account. His polls are rising as well as his bank account. The next 5 or 6 states are his territory – more good press. She’s not OK until late March and April with states that lean her way. Too long to kill the burden of the press on her bank account. She had to can Bubba after the South Carolina fiasco - openly negative politics won't work, and there'll be a helluva price to pay if behind-the-scenes bullshit surfaces. She pulled the fucking tears thing again? If they are real, good lord, what will happen if she were in office? Her voice is going. Not made for the long haul. She’s toast. I love it when bad things happen to bad people.

You just have to love passive-aggressive people. You have to. So full of anger, moxey, vermin, but utterly lacking the balls to say it to your face. And when they do, it is always in this closed sense like a canned speech thought out from beginning to end – they can’t thrust and parry in real time! How depressing! I love a good fight. I especially love changing positions in a fight. Confuse the enemy. It has nothing to do with what is right or wrong, it is the thrill of the argument. Then the climax arrives and you can see they have built themselves to either spontaneous combustion or actually scoring a good verbal point. What to do? Turn your head slightly away – just the effect of dismissal, but not to obscure your lowered voice, and grovel out, “You’re a fucking idiot. And you wonder sometimes. Amazing.” Then walk away. Yes! Be sure to know your opponent though – that is the perfect set up to get something large tossed at your head. This site has some nice P-A stuff on it, but is broader and a fun read – he posts pics of things he finds.

Not sure what to make of this video. Couple of yahoos shooting a tennis ball at unfortunately speeds.

These people have too much time on their hands. Kinda pisses me off. But they did create a pretty cool spice rack. Look at the pics, and read only if you feel swarmy. Yeah, OK, they seem like nice people. Fine. I am sure they are. Shall we have a flight of Chards at the dinner party tonight? I’ll put little oak barrels on the table. Oh, we could plank the salmon! Let me think … something fresh and open tasting to start with, to balance the smokey main course … help me, Pookey, what do you think?

So Albert Einstein has a website, and I thought it would be cool to read some of his hand-written papers. Took me 5 or 6 layers to see an actual doc – very poor design. Cute programming, but utterly lacks flatness. It’s like roaming hallways. Anyway, so I finally get to one, and it’s in German! Man, that guy was smart! Reminded me of something my dad said once. He had a house in Mexico. The locals were typical poor rural Mexican. A local has a dog, and the guy says something to it. The dog responds. Whatever “sit” or “get me a beer” or “scratch my balls” is in Mexican. Anyway, my dad says, “that’s amazing. I have a hard enough time getting my dog to learn simple things like ‘stay’ and here your dog has learned a second language! That’s one smart dog.” The guy just looked at my dad like he had a third eye. My dad never explained himself in such situations. Would have taken away the charm.

In case you were wondering where you are going after you die, here’s a map. Click on it to see it bigger. More charts here.

Bye …

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