Saturday, March 8, 2008

herself must be smoking something

Herself’s problem is that when Herself wins, Herself loses. It all comes down to numbers of delegates. Nothing else matters. Everything Herself says about Herself’s successes is to sway tomorrow’s voting to get tomorrow’s delegates.

Check the numbers and positions so far:

January: “We came back in NH!” The truth is that Herself fell from Herself’s 20-point lead and almost lost it outright.

Pledged delegate counts for the month: Obama, 63; Herself 48.

Super Tuesday: “We won the big states! We won where it mattered!” Herself actually said that – “where it mattered.” Like the other states didn’t?

Pledged delegate counts for Super Tuesday: Obama, 842; Herself 828.

February: “(Silence).”

Pledged delegate counts for the month: Obama, 287; Herself 158.5.

March: “We’re back!”

Pledged delegate counts for the month: Obama, 170; Herself 177. Note that there are 20 Texas caucus delegates left to award, and Obama has taken the 47 awarded by 28-19 (which gives him the outright delegate win in Texas). At that rate, Obama wins the last group 12-8, reducing Herself’s monthly “win” to a net 3.

What I find remarkable is that all the press accounts ask “what went wrong? She was the presumptive nominee. It was hers to lose.” I don’t get that. The only time it was “hers to lose” was before anyone voted. The only coronation was by the press. From the very first votes, Herself has been behind. Herself has never led for even a single day. And now that a very large sampling of the voters have cast, Herself is down 600,000 votes.

Everything about Herself is smoke and mirrors. There ain’t be no there, there.

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