Wednesday, March 5, 2008

quick political shot

The results could not have been better in the dem primaries. Herself takes Ohio and Texas, but makes up little delegate ground. Still down over a hundred. The nationwide popular vote is Herself's by a mere 6,000 votes out of 27 million (UPDATE - these data must have included Michigan and Florida - Obama is up by 600,000 in the popular vote).

This was like a dying patient getting a blood transfusion, maybe that bag of white blood cells. A spark of life, a claim to vitality, while we all look at Herself and smile, check our watches, and smile again.

No one will convince Herself that this is not Her Turn. No matter what comes in November, if She is not the dem candidate, then 2012 will be completely lost to Her. She will be long past Her expiration date. And look at how Her fellow senators have all lined up against Her - She has debts to settle on the side of people's heads NOW. This is Her only chance. She will not bow out.

She is going to travel into uncharted territories now, having seen the 'Bama blood She can draw in the primary results. Herself is about to go nuclear, like a rancid and dangerous stowaway on the SS Minnow that vexes the Professor, Skipper, and Gilligan episode after episode.

If She does stand in August declaring, "Victory is Mine!" then all around Her will be the smoldering remains of the dem party.

She cannot open a lead in pledged delegates - the math is not there. 'Bama will enter the convention with a pledged delegate and probably popular vote lead. If Herself takes the nomination through unpledged delegates, the populace of 'Bama backers will not follow. I also think 'Bama, if he isn't too tarnished, will get an independent run financed by Mike Bloomberg. Either scenario puts McCain in the White House.

Last night was probably the worst thing that could have happened to Herself. She just doesn't know it. Sometimes the best medicine is unplugging the ventilator. But for now, isn't it nice to see Herself smiling again? I can still picture Her so giddy and full of energy as She trampled into the ground those that stood in Her way 20 years ago.

"Phew! What's that smell? Oh yeah, I forgot. Her colon shut down a few days after Super Tuesday. Man, all due respect, lady, but would you kindly die? You're fouling the air all around you."

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