Friday, March 21, 2008


Yeah, ok, I’ll get off my ass and write for a bit. Too much swirling around my head taking too much of my focus to be sure not to get caught right between the eyes with some well-aimed golf ball cruising in like its satellite guided to focus on writing here, but, yeah, you’re right, that’s just an excuse (embedded in a rather long sentence).

This must suck. This chick gets about five grand up front to run some heroin from Vietnam to Australia. Gonna get ten more when she delivers the few pounds. Gets busted at the airport. She checked the heroin. WTF? But that’s not the worse of it. She got life in prison. No, still not the worst of it. The prosecution appealed the sentence. Now she gets a firing squad. Drugs are bad for your health.

For a variety of reasons, I think we are in a recession – not the classical kind defined by contracting GDP, but the real kind where people lose their jobs.

Herself’s daily calendar gets released after being heavily redacted. Phone records next. Herself’s story is falling apart. Yoko Ono was not a Beatle; Herself was merely present in the White House.

Gotta love out-in-the-open socialism. This clown says that too many enjoy flying for personal pleasure should be taxed out of existence. Relax, pal.

“Daddy, why does mommy have to go to prison?” “Seems she plotted to blow up things, and killed a man during a bank robbery.” “Silly mommy!” Sara Jane Olson, SLA, gets out after 7 years. What an insult. The guy she shot still dead? UPDATE: Seems it was a woman that was killed in the bank lobby, and her son is not pleased that Sara is out. UPDATE 2: Seems the California Penal Guys aren't happy she's out, either. They miscalculated her release date. She's been whisked off the streets and tossed back in for another year. Ouch.

I love an article that ends with “The explosion vaporized any planet nearby.”

Seems the legacy media is finally agreeing that Herself cannot win the nomination. She is sticking around long enough to see if O’Bambi implodes. What a sad conclusion to an otherwise pathetic political career. The only time she ever led was before a single vote was cast. She has never led the delegates or popular vote. Not for a single day.

These links are guarded like a horde of golden bricks by us Beatles bootleg collectors, but I’m feeling generous. You’re welcome. Here and here and here. Here are your reference pages. Yeah, I got more. No, you can’t have them.

Some files come in FLAC or SHN format. Seems to be some high quality something or other. Search the net for “Magical Jelly Bean” to convert SHNs. Also search for WinAmp and FLAC conversion – there’s a simple way to convert by changing the output. Finally, I like Switch (another free program) to change WAVs to MP3s.

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