Friday, September 26, 2008

bailout talks

UPDATE: The old-stream media is blaming Republicans for no agreement here and here. Next up? The Democrats will somehow save the day. These people are so predictable.

just a quick observation. the more loudly the dems blame "republicans," "conservatives," and mccain for any delay in reaching bailout legislation, the more it is the dems themselves obstructing a deal.

they have this group-think happening - collectively they are stupid. they will drag this on so that they can imperil the debate - thinking that mccain won't go but obama will (which would be a disaster for obama, but they see it otherwise). they will drag this out - at the risk of real a credit collapse in the marketplace - ans try to paint mccain as the problem. to them, this crisis is an opportunity to score political points, and they will do everything they can to get points for the dems and take points away from the pubs.

it is funny to watch them. they're kinda cute. problem is they can cause real damage with their political games.

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