Saturday, September 13, 2008

charlie and a diversion

When the performance of the MSM is so over-the-top unprofessional that even the MSM rips you a new one, you know it is bad. Seems the only honest remedy is to fall on the sword and release the raw footage. Allow their enemies to see the entire process from original film through aired edit.

I don’t think ABC has the professionalism to do that, although I can hear them smugly demanding it from another (say, a republican candidate).

Charlie Gibson just lost every ounce of goodwill he earned throughout his entire career. I hope it was worth it.

Slight diversion here … the problem with youth.

Young people do not understand how society works. Political discourse has one set of rules; social discourse another. I’ve had many relationships over the years with liberals, even with a few that could not be slotted into any American majority view. Common to all of those relationships was social respect. Reasonable minds can differ in views. Differences are what make our society so successful.

But when youth speaks to those of different political views as if those same people were condemnable in society as well, it becomes clear just how far apart knowledge can be from wisdom.

Wisdom brings with it perspective: “I’ve seen this situation before, and while two situations are identical, I can apply what I learned yesterday to today.” The “best” answer may different today from yesterday, but certainly something can applied.

There are rules of behavior for those with which we chose to associate. When those rules are not honored, the association ceases.

I was in Sam’s Club several years ago, and was wearing a Bush/Cheney ’04 shirt. As I walked across the store, this man came up to me and started to yell at me about “the war they lied about to get us in.” He violated the norms of social behavior. He probably masturbates often as well. What a loser.

I do not discuss politics in any manner that is offensive. The targets of my commentary are all public figures. When private individuals make me their target because of my political views, I smile, shake my head, and politely leave. Sometimes I’ll engage to see if the conversation can get back on track, but it rarely does.

Oh well.

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