Saturday, September 27, 2008

debate comment

Stephen Green was "drunk blogging" the debate last night. I caught up with this comment well after midnight, and am still laughing. It appears in the 8:30PM comment:

Obama strikes me as a modern Chamberlain, praising his (oh-so-transient) “peace with honor.” McCain, however, comes across as “peace when we’re done kicking your ass and not one moment sooner.”

I spent the night with host Bill Dupray and about a dozen other folks online at The Patriot Room - I was the new kid on the block. Several of them have blogs, which will be in my blog roll in a few:

Scott Martin, Conservatism Today

Chris Wysocki, WyBlog

New Conservative, The New Conservatives

London Locke, Trunk Report

Nancy Swider, Nancy’s Insights

CKA in Red State USA, American Sentinel

Good bunch of folks. Insightful, humorous, respectful ...

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