Wednesday, September 3, 2008

just chatting

No politics for now. Just need to write for a bit to start my day.

I’m teaching four distance-learning courses this fall. First one starts in two weeks. Have a few lectures still to write. Next one starts in about a month – just some ends to tie. The last two start the end of October. Need to think those through still.

Busy with mediation work. It’s amazing to me how people view things. Instead of practicing law where I heard openly one side, and the other side was all posturing, now I am hearing both sides. It’s very interesting to guide and direct them like a plane approaching a runway. It’s good, actually. I actually feel like I am reaching better long-term solutions – much less of a win-lose proposition.

I haven’t been able to dive into my book lately. I am about ready. Expect it to be harrowing – the dive into pain-pill and heroin addiction. I need to focus not as much on events and external things, as I will on the destruction of her mind and how her perception of reality warps. I am actually a bit nervous about the prospect. Writing the first 300 pages, filled with beatings and rapes, took a toll on me. Way too many personal reflections to waltz through the story.

I have been reading a lot of political stuff. Not going to dwell there. The hypocrisy of the mass media is breathtaking as they seek so clearly to destroy Sarah Palin. It’s a shame that the press is so biased. There doesn’t seem to be a neutral outlet anymore. It’s either the pretty people that sneer at Republicans or the conservatives that scoff at The Dalibama. No one simply reports anymore. It’s frustrating. I can’t watch televised news because it is so over-the-top partisan, and I shy away from a lot of websites because they are more focused on slaying the dragon in every post. Just give me news. Just disseminate information. Stop infiltrating opinion so often both in conclusions drawn and facts left out.

Someone wrote an interesting comment: “John Edwards was not allowed to speak at the DNC Convention because he had an affair. Instead, Bill Clinton got a prime-time slot. What am I missing?” How true.

Oh, I can’t stop! The Dalibama said he has more experience than Sarah because the town of Walissa was some small number of employees and amount of budget compared to his presidential campaign. Funny on two fronts. First, the state of Alaska’s employees and budget dwarfs his campaign – so look there and not to the previous job she had. Second, and more illuminating, hunh? The dude is running for president. She’s the VP. Why is he comparing himself to her? The premise of his argument is flawed. What a joke. That boy is just out of his league. It’s what we get when a candidate has down nothing in his life but run for the next office. Sad.

Alright, enough for now.

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