Monday, September 29, 2008

the obama private diary, installment 3

This post is for distribution in Missouri. Any form of distribution in Missouri – television, newspaper, radio, blog, word of mouth, handbill – is specifically allowed and encouraged. I demand just one thing: Attribution to my blog.

Onto some more extracts …

June 6, 2008. Word is PIAPS is gonna book town tomorrow. Funny, she was going to do it yesterday – had announced it – but then somebody said one of the Kennedy boys was shot that day (Larry? Curley? Moe? Shemp? I forget – doesn’t matter anyway. 3 are dead, and Theodore may as well be with the amount of scotch he downs for breakfast each day). So tomorrow’s the day. She sure better release her delegates.

I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine. I. Me. Mine.

Who be laughing now, brothers and sisters?

But I gots some serious shit to deal with. Pastor Wright just won’t shut-up. I keep getting text messages from him. The boy is losing it. Even had Ayers run a few $MM through the dude’s church for a nice house, and he still ain’t grateful. Might be time to remind him of a certain weekend and a certain party and a certain white bitch and certain video tape. Go quietly, Pastor, but go …

Can you believe they are still hammering me over my Islamic Brotherhood Muslim upbringing? Like I had any say in it anyway. It was all the Soetoro guy that mom married.

Anyway. You want to know hard up the MSM is for a liberal? From Muslim to coke dealer to housing-code-violation checker to My-Church-Hates-You-White-People – and I walk on water with those fools. THAT’S how hard up they are. Every look at my voting record? What are these clowns thinking? I’m more liberal than the lead baton-twirler in the SF Gay Pride Parade – the one with the cute pink undies and smartly cropped beard.

Got another check today from Frannie Mae. Need to remember to put tic-mark next to their name in my Good Boy Book. So glad Barney turned me onto them (speaking of gay men – he!he!).

NOTE – This is an unusually candid diary entry for Obama. Perhaps it is attributable to the closure he feels with Senator Clinton conceding the race. This observation is bolstered by the lack of prospective subjects in the writing.

The passage opens with a ridicule of the Kennedy family, liking them to the comedy troupe, The Three Stooges. His knowledge of four Kennedy brothers and four Stooges is noted for examination at a later time, as additional such references accumulate. Suffice for now to postulate that he is merely asserting a consistent moral authority over the icons of his political party.

The role of problem solver in his life, now in the form of a possible bribe to his pastor, appears in the person of Mr. Ayers again. Anger is noted in his assertion of blackmailing Pastor Wright, but of more important note is the possible desire to override Mr. Ayers’ solution. If tension continues to build in Obama’s life, it is possible that he could turn on Mr. Ayers as he has on others close to him.

He makes an interesting Hindu reference in his repetition of the phrase, “I. Me. Mine.” He also corrects himself by striking out text referring to the ultra-strict “Islamic Brotherhood,” at the same time as placing blame on his adoptive father for introducing Islamic studies to his childhood. Of similar note, he derides his pastor, but refers to him by his title twice, and also mentions his church of twenty years in a derogatory fashion. These statements indicate much difficulty in his spiritual life. He seems to not care for the process of religion, only the Earth-bound end result. This is consistent with his narcissist-sociopathic personality disorder.

For the first time, we note a passage reflecting self-hate in his characterization of himself as a “liberal.” This is disturbing in that all other classifications seem to reflect an utter lack of reflection and a sense of being set aside for a higher purpose. If self-hate is indeed strong, then possible physical aggression against himself in the form of cutting or homo-erotic behavior could come into play.

We again note hints of latent homosexuality with his “cute pink undies” remark. This is the second such reference, the first being in the March 5, 2008 entry. He is more open now, perhaps as he comes to an internal resolution with his desires.

The complexity of his feelings arise in the closing segment of this entry. He is grateful for the personal benefit of contributions he has received through his friendship with Senator Barney Frank, yet quickly dismisses Senator Frank’s openly gay lifestyle. Perhaps Obama is not fully at terms with his own desires.

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