Monday, October 13, 2008

the obama dirty dozen & a few

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And you shall know them by their associates.

The Messiah certainly is knowable. Regardless of his closed mouth on the earnest inquiries of thinking people on topics from his birth certificate to how we are supposed to believe there is no such thing as a Chicago Machine in light of his state and US Senate runs where every major candidate but him did not make it to election day, we can know him by the company he keeps.

From Diana West who refers to the original article on Family Security Matters, comes The Obama Dirty Dozen & A Few.

Let me run through some of the names and profiles linked above. But, please, go to the original article for the rest of the details.

(The italic text was lifted directly from the article. More details on each person is available there.)

Khalid al-Mansour. The anti-Semite Black Nationalist racist who changed his name from Don Marshall and converted to Islam, was a patron of Obama’s and helped advance Obama’s candidacy to law school. He was instrumental in starting the violent Black Panthers group, became Kind Saud’s attorney and represents OPEC. No wonder Obama doesn't want to drill anywhere, although he changed that tune in last Tuesday's debate in an apparent attempt to drill for votes.

Rashid Khalidi. An enthusiastic supporter of the Palestinians, fervent critic of Israel (which he calls a destructive “racist” state), an admirer of suicide bombers and a driving force behind the Arab American Action Network (AAAN). This so-called pro-Palestinian “community organization” in Chicago is another beneficiary of the Obama-Ayers team at the Woods Fund.

Ingrid Mattson. President of the troubling Islamic Society of North America, a group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist trial.

Frank Marshall Davis. Another of Obama's mentors mentioned in his book, a well-known Stalinist Communist whose devotion to the Soviet Union and hatred for an America which he described as racist and imperialistic put him under FBI surveillance for at least 19 years.

Tony Rezko. Convicted felon of fraud and shady dealings, he and Obama were very close. Until his arrest: “That’s not the Tony Rezko I knew.”

William Ayers (Mr. Bernadine Dohrn) . Until the relationship became weighty: “That’s not the Bill Ayers I knew.”

Bernardine Dohrn (Mrs. Bill Ayers) . Who in the 80’s worked at the same time with Michelle Obama for the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin, was also a fan of Charles Manson. Hunh. I didn’t know the Michelle/Bern overlap. Small world.

ACORN. Tell me you don’t need any more information. Please. OK. Remember Project VOTE! where Obama registered 150,000 names – only about 100,000 of which were clean? Project VOTE! was started by ACORN. PV paid several hundred thousand dollars a year to ACORN for “consulting fees.” PV’s corporate offices were the same as ACORN. PV’s e-addresses all went to the URL. Yet Obama said that the two organizations had nothing to do with each other. Well, until it was proven. Then he had his fact-checking website scrubbed of any reference to denying it.

Fannie/Freddie. Obama was the number two campaign contribution recipient from Freddie and Fannie execs. Number two? Yes, but over a substantially shorter period. Obama was in deep.

Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. Former heads of Fannie Mae, both men were removed for impropriety. They're in Obama's inner circle giving economic advice; Jim Johnson was actually chosen to vet Obama's VP Pick. See how deep?

Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger. Radical, fervently anti-American, and anti-Semitic. The Rev. Louis Farrakhan, also an anti-Semite and black racist, was recently honored by Rev. Wright for “Lifetime Achievement”. And Obama called them mentors, friends and/or spiritual advisors. Until, well, you know: “That’s not the Rev. Wright I knew. Even though I sat in his pews for 20 years and talked to him as a father for just as long.”

Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama seems to hold radical separatist views consistent with a 20-year attendance and tutelage under Rev. Wright. Her college thesis was on assimilation vs. "the black culture,” and she was openly dismayed that so many blacks were choosing to assimilate into the American melting-pot culture.

If I have any litmus test in my personal politics, it is support of Israel. It must be blind and unwavering. Anything Israel wants to do is OK by me. Anything. I don’t see much comfort in the list above.

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