Thursday, October 30, 2008

palinize your yard!

[NOTE - this is an old trick been played as long as i ever knew. instead of political signs - as seems to be the norm now - you can light up all sorts of freestanding things! well, on second thought, i actually don't know what i'm doing, so don't follow my advice. that's a warning in the legal sense.]

today we're going to learn how to say "howdy!" to those pesky vermin that like to steal your political signs.

here's a parts list:

a car battery

a set of jumper cable (extra long!)

a McCain sign

and, of course, a yard!

here's a part you will not need (can't giving away the secret!):

the concept is simple. place your sign about four feet off the sidewalk - remember, it takes intent to make a thief! take one end of the jumper cable and attach it to one metal post on the sign. stretch the cable to its full length and find a bush to conceal the next step from the street. take the other end of the jumper cable - be sure to be using the same line that is attached to the sign - and attach that end to the POSITIVE post on the car battery. (note: the other ends of the jumper cables won't be used.)

now, be sure to cover the cable with leaves so that it won't be seen.

here's an overview of your completed system in action with optional plugs so you can disconnect the juice if desired.
(note - i don't understand the "ground contact," neutral," and "accidental contact" things. ignore those. our focus is on the "hot" and the kid with the new 'do.

now, sit back a few feet from a window in a darkened room and enjoy! you may want to focus a video camera on the sign so you can enjoy the fun throughout the coming presidential term!

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  1. Telling people how to hurt people just because their stealing McCain signs. Where did you find this brilliant idea?