Friday, October 24, 2008


I am wondering a few things. I picked up the term “wishcasting” a few weeks ago at one of my favorite sites, William Briggs, Statistician. I wonder if all of these rumblings in my head are just that.

First, Obama does this grand “going to Hawaii to see sick gramma” bit. The flash and flare was akin to McCain suspending his campaign for the financial-crisis vote. Now, I sure hope his grandmother is OK. I lost my last grandparent so long ago I don’t even remember the time of life for me. Then the stories come out that he delayed going to see his mother when she was gravely ill. When he finally went, she had already passed away. So the campaign-suspended-going-now bit rang truer. But then he didn’t go. He delayed. Just like he did with his mother. That doesn’t settle easily with me for some reason. Makes me think of a public-versus-true story.

I mused at the time that he was going to personally inspect his birth certificate. The timing was immediately after his campaign decided that they could not respond under oath to the Requests for Admissions on a lawsuit that claims he is not a natural-born citizen.

Now the furor is picking up in eight states over his birth status. He could be removed from the ballots in those states. This situation is not some silly state law that the local courts could set aside for “the greater good” – like he forget his middle initial on some form. This issue resides in the U.S. Constitution. It must be resolved before election day. Can you imagine the constitutional crisis if a person not eligible for POTUS runs and wins, only to be discovered after Election Day that he did not met the basic requirements for running? The backlash against the MSM? All he has to do is produce his birth certificate. If it reads to the effect of “registration of a foreign birth” then the gig is up.

This isn’t some VRWC theory (thanks, Queen Pantsuit for using that tired phrase again). Obama’s grandmother brought it up. She said his mother came to Africa for a visit just as plump as plump can be. She said the airlines would not allow her to fly back because she was too-near full-term. She said she (the grandmother) was present at little Barry’s birth. She said the mother immediately flew to Hawaii and registered the foreign birth there. She said all of this. And, yes, it was airline policy in the 1960s to not let women fly if they were about to pump out a youngen. And his American family can’t seem to get their story straight about which Hawaiian hospital he was in when he was born – and there’s only two to pick from!

Now we have the never-ending API Michelle Tape getting closer to release. We know what it says for two reasons: API released significant excerpts; the MSM has not ridden it down as “just another Republican attack on the beautiful candidate and his lovely wife.” The MSM is holding their collective breath. The contents are precisely what Obama does not want in the public ear: Racist diatribe and elitist extortion. “White racists” against my husband this and “write a supportive story and I’ll invite you the WH” that. Couple it with her hankering for Iranian caviar, and we have one interesting woman.

The “Bradley Effect”? Six points is nothing. How about the “Shirley Chisholm” Effect.

Are the polls far apart or close? The data in a poll for a big-O lead was 41% Dem and 29% Rep. That’s supposed to be representative of the voting population? Other polls show a close race. And ACORN’s potential influence seems to be greatly overstated (by none other than me!). A third of their registrations have been tossed, and documented by none other than the NYT (BK-07).

And now The O is getting press for constructing the Mother of All Victory Party sets. And Munchkin Pelosi (does she still get royalties from the Wizard of Oz? Is that on Blu-Ray yet?) declares that super-majorities the kind of which the Universe has never seen will sweep through WDC! The O adds his “righteous wind at our back” mantra.

One thing America does is punish a person who claims victory is theirs before victory is theirs.

Some dems, Ms. Barney Frank included, are not talking the right talk lately. There seems to be admissions being made. Perhaps truth is needed in their own races for re-election. Interesting how they toss The O script when it doesn’t fit. Proof that Biden’s hairplugs have taken root in his Parietal Lobe is becoming available as he seems to lose the concept that is he in front of thousands (hundreds?) of people as he talks about The O having to learn on the job. Even Campbell Brown, the talking head that doesn’t seem to understand lipstick very well, came to the defense of Palin over the wardrobe expense. And Murtha – “I didn’t mean people in western PA are racists. I meant they are rednecks.” OK, John. Dan Rather saying the MSM is treating Palin and Biden with different standards? Whew ...

I am sure there’s a movie out there, a boxing movie, when one fighter starts to declare victory late in the fight only to get his ass handed to him in the closing rounds. It feels like that to me.



  1. I really liked your comment about how Americans do not like those who claim victory before it is theres. That is a very true and eloquent statement. We are a country that roots for the underdog, and I wouldnt be surprised if we saw that story play out again.

  2. thanks, nancy. i'm rather fond of the "shirley chisholm" effect!

  3. I have to believe Obama is eligible to run for President. I know their democrats, but even they would've noticed a mistake that big, wouldn't they? Your right if it turns out that he's not eligible all Hell is going to break loose.

  4. i'd love to agree with you. but let's look at two things. all this noise would have ended a long time ago if he just produced the cert. what's the big deal? it's a birth cert for god's sake! can you remember a time in the past when some POTUS candidate let an issue so easily resolved fester? i don't get it.

    now he is getting his tit in a wringer. he is flirting with a judicial finding that he is not a natural-born citizen. why let it go this far? he blew off the ROAs. that's fricking dangerous. arrogance can be fun to watch, but stupidity is sad.

    i just don't get it. i truly do not think that he is this arrogant or this stupid. the law applies to him. he knows it. it makes no sense that they is no problem and that he is simply not proving it (yeah, parse those negatives!). no sense whatsoever.

    so what?!?!?!? what th ehell is going on??