Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Early Voting in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The old mantra of “big turnouts means big dem gains” doesn’t seem to be holding true in the greater Scranton area.

Local reports show larger than usual voters for this time of time. Among them are registered Republicans – exited polled for McCain; young Jewish-American – exited polled for McCain; African-American “Litmused” for McCain based on abortion; two registered Democrat voters exited for Obama based on education and “not another 4 years” claims. One voter wrote-in Hillary.

Some polls opened late (official time was 7:00AM), but there has been just one claim of a malfunctioning machine.

All information coming from Lackawanna County, which Kerry took by a 14% margin in 2004 (just under 15,000 vote margin).

Early voting in Columbia County was heavy in numbers and Republicans. W won 2004 by 5,400 votes, a 20 point margin.

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