Monday, November 3, 2008

a PUMA speaks

I've spent a lot of time reading PUMA posts. This post is written equally from the heart and mind:

Never could I have imagined this year that I would be voting for a Republican let alone a straight Republican ticket. I have been a Democrat my entire life. One of my early memories of politics occured the night Reagan beat Carter in 1980. I was eleven then, but I’ll never forget my Dad punching a hole in the wall when it was clear Carter was going down. If nothing else, that made it clear to me that voting Republican just wasn’t done in our house. So, for good candidates and bad, I’ve voted in every Presidential election since 1988, and I have always gone with the Donkey. Well, this year I’m not going to vote for that Jackass.

When Riverdaughter asked us to explain our voting strategy, I thought about the one word that would sum up my reasoning. The first word I thought about was “pain”, as in “I want to inflict pain”. Pardon me, but I am still really pissed at the way Obama, the DNC, and the media behaved during the primary. When they, along with almost the entire congressional black caucus, decided to paint the Clintons and by extension their supporters as racists, I knew that Obama was evil and the DNC was carrying water for the devil. When they disenfranchised the voters of Florida and Michigan, I realized their many years of crying about voter suppression amounted to nothing more than political posturing. They didn’t ever care about voters. They only ever cared about getting their way. When they attacked Joe the Plumber for daring to question “that one”, more anger rose in me and it won’t be abated until Obama is defeated. So in Hammurabi fashion I want to see the Democrats hurt the way they have hurt and humiliated their good and loyal constituents.

Finish reading it here. See the column on the left for several more writings under the caption "My Voting Strategy."

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