Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Maps - UPDATED

UPDATED. I had a commenter call me a race baiter something or other. He wrote that "people are struggling." Called me "stupid" of all things. Moi? Well, my thought is always to test hypotheses, such as me being stupid, with data. I know - libs hate data. Sorry. Here's my thought. The mortgage lates below are people struggling by their own design. So I got a map of people in poverty - those that are hurting are many times hurting for reasons outside their control. I find the comparison of "lates" to "poverty" for Florida to be interesting. Seems rather self-imposed 90-day lates. Who be stupid, eh? One last thing - Dear Commenter, see the poverty area around WV and kinda at a diagonal northeast and southwest? THAT'S Appalachia. I'm not quite sure where you were referring to ... you go to public school?

Compare these two maps. One shows distinctively different areas of red and blue. Note the areas of concentration of blue.

Now focus on the second map. It is shades of blue and grey, generally, but concentrate on the areas of deepest blue.

Note how the concentrations of blue in the first map overlap with the areas of deepest blue on the second map. Pretty good fit. Not every area, no, but a very large portion.

Open two screens if you want to compare them better - you can click on each to make it larger. I also get twice the impressions if you open two screens, and that's a good thing.

What are these maps? The first map is the 2008 POTUS results. The second map is Mortgage Delinquencies at 90 days or greater.

When you are done comparing, watch the video. The woman actually says that if Obama is elected that she won't have to pay her mortgage anymore. Wonder how that impression got out there ...

UPDATE - here's the third map showing poverty in the US:


  1. You are really stupid, as are most wingnuts. Those two maps show one thing--that people are struggling. Look at the concentration of foreclosures throughout Appalachia, hardly Obama country. And the lady never said she won't [ay her mortgage you race baiting fool, she is excited because she now has (as do all Americans) an effective economic advocate in the White House. Say it with me, President-elect Barack Obama. Out and 44!

  2. race-baiting fool? that is so funny! thank you for that.

    i find it curious that the only time i hear race brought up as a dividing factor is by liberals.

    i have no problem with obama winning the election. none at all. the people voted. that is our system. i will track his performance through macroeconomic terms. i hope he is successful.

    you, on the other hand, probably "hated" president bush and took glee in his defeats while ignoring his successes.

    who's the fool?

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, first troll and all. Interesting observations, look forward to your future efforts.