Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That first foreign-policy test

Now we get to see Pelosi and Reid in all their glory. There will be a return of the 100 days of presidential freehand. Will be interesting to see what that brings. The focus may be on the domestic promise fulfillment. I wonder if Obama should contract with one of those fulfillment centers that send us rebate checks. I think they got the process down.

My biggest concern is that our country is more influenced by foreign issues than domestic issues. On the domestic side, we have a remarkable economic engine that runs itself. It gets most cranky when people interfere with it – like legislating a requirement to underwrite mortgages to unqualified mortgagees. But there is only so much damage a liberal government can do – a new Great Society just isn’t out there. People will not support a Congress that tries it. But foreign relations has no limits on actions.

Dealing with foreign countries is the not the simple “test which Obama may appear to fail” approach of Biden. This is a serious world with real enemies. I know in my heart that when Obama gets his full briefing, the smirk will leave his face.

The first challenge is Israel. I have little faith in Obama ever giving them the green light to take out Iran’s nukes, and I think the Israelis feel the same. Obama is the same guy, remember, that told Georgia to chill out when Russia invaded. The immediate concern is whether air samples and other evidence establish that the “earthquakes” a few weeks ago were nuke tests (here’s the source data – search for “Iran” – two quakes each 10/21 and 10/25). If so, the game on. As I was reviewing the data, I was wondering where the aftershocks were. My decade in California taught me all about them.

Israel will strike well before Christmas. They would want as much time with W as possible. I think they could do it before Thanksgiving. It will be as it was in Iraq – focused to just the nuclear capability.

The response will be prolonged, but not of the sort speculated. There will be nothing organized from any Arab county. In war, they suck. They only talk big. And most of them don’t trust the Iranians anyway. But on the ground, the Israelis bend. The problem will be the Palestinians. They will agitate. It will get out of hand. Israel will threaten to take over the territories.

The response will be worse than the problem: Russia will move in with peacekeeping forces. By this time, Obama will be in office, and he will welcome their presence and assistance.

Anybody read Revelation lately?

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