Tuesday, November 4, 2008

who is democratic tribune?

UPDATE - DemTrib left me a message. He gets it. That's cool. He also traced back to Dayton, Ohio. It's like a clue!

Had some fun tracking "Democratic Tribune." Seems to be a disconnect.

Who Is? search shows the address below:

Conkling, Erikson
230 E Washington St
Tipton, IN 46072
Phone: 765-507-0105

Record expires on 01-Sep-2009
Record created on 01-Sep-2008
Database last updated on 01-Sep-2008

Interesting thing is this – see the Google Map marker? That’s 228 E. Washington St. It seems 230 E. Washington St. – the registered address – is a vacant lot.

Running the name through ZabaSearch turns up the name no closer than one hour from Tipton.

The cell phone traces to 15 minutes away in Greentown.


  1. i do know, and i am glad that you do, as well. most of the chatterheads haven't a clue ...