Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Few news picks

United Airlines, Delta, and Southwest think fat people have to buy an extra ticket - one for each cheek. That's cold. Surely it can't be purely weight-driven. Tipping at 250 yields a vastly different breadth if the person if five-foot tall versus six feet.

Ah, I am right. They use a Body mass index of 30 or more. Here's a calculator. I come in at 20.1. I'd have to crank it to 209 pounds - about me + 69 - in order to met the fat standard.

But, wait a minute. Assume I am 209 pounds. I know that I have to buy two tickets. So I say that I am 205 pounds, coming in safely under the standard. They can't just take my word for it. So they must ask people close to the fat standard to step onto the scale that we all put luggage on. I take off my coat, my shoes, etc. Then everyone watches me as I step onto the scale! How embarrassing is that? They are actually doing this? Isn't there a better way?

It seems that being against abortion marks a person as a potential terrorist - and the Obama Administration is standing behind the report that states it. Time to stock up on tinned meat and bullets.

I'm reading through Ananova's Strange Crime entries, but most are just shake-your-head stupid.

Gotta run.

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