Sunday, October 25, 2009

For sale: Mt. Lebanon Shaker Dry Sink

The provenance for this piece is:

Hazel Hamilton, well-known Shaker collector, who lived close to the Pleasant Hill community owned this piece. She sold it to the Shakertown at Pleasant Hill museum. When a new curator took over at SPH, she wanted to have all pieces in the museum be from Pleasant Hill. This piece is from Mt. Lebanon. Hazel re-purchased the dry sink. I purchased it from Hazel.

This piece was published. My books are in storage, but my recollection is that it appeared in Shaker Legacy. If that book is not accurate, someone with a good Shaker library can find it. At the time of purchase, Hazel had the book opened to the page and resting on the dry sink. I recognized the book as being in my library.

We don't know how Hazel came into original possession. It was sold to us as being in "original yellow paint." While the yellow is certainly consistent with Shaker history, please note the picture of the opened door - it appears that the yellow was applied with the door removed from the piece by observing the drips.

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