Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ADHD Kicking In ...

"Voting is the best revenge."  "Don't let anybody push you out of line."  Cute.  Negative garbage from angry people.  I dislike angry people.  They tend to be simpletons.  Spending two minutes with them is like chewing aspirin.  Go away.  Please.  Just. Go. Away.

I'll vote a little after three o'clock today, then go home and do what I ever-so-rarely do:  Watch TV.  I'll keep up mostly on the net until eight-ish, then catch Fox.  Two trends I'll be watching - Presidential voting in Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.  Senate races in Florida, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts.  I read that Obama is going to declare victory prematurely in an attempt to suppress enthusiasm.  That sounds childish.  I guess it fits.

Sat through jury selection this morning.  Watch the flow, the mood ... everything I could.  Had Jourdaine with me.  She'll be there when I pick juries in January and March.  Wrote down every question asked.  Saw how the DA and defense counsel interacted from the moment they walked into the courtroom.  As peremptory challenges were being exercised in silence, Jourd and I listed the jurors we'd can.  Defense counsel did well - he got rid of everyone we'd have axed.  Will go back in two weeks to watch the trial.  Agg Assault.  Kinda sad - one punch at the wrong place, and the victim was deeply injured.  No idea what the defense will be, but I'll do some research to satisfy my own curiosity.  I'll do some basic prep as if it were my case, then compare to how counsel does it.  One thing I found noteworthy:  Before questioning began, the DA was going through the list making notes - he knew several of the prospective jurors.

I've got two cases in particular that may be coming up for which I want to do a mock jury.  Not just to test theories and presentation, but to weigh whether I want to do a bench trial.  My first inclination is a bench trial - lots of in-depth legal understanding, and cases that turn on chemistry.  I'd rather have to bring one person up to speed on the issue rather than 12.

Just got an e from Bed Bath & Beyond. Subject line asked if I'd marry my coffee maker.  What an odd question.  Delete.  I make my own coffee, thank you.  And besides, if it's a reference to an inanimate object, we haven't traveled there yet in the law.  Nor will I, personally, even if I could.

Some ugly stories coming out of Detroit.  Romney voter chased by an Obama supporter - with a gun.  Obama guy punches Romney guy in the face.  My, how lowering the oceans really brought us together, eh?  Fricking losers.  My mind is just wandering these past several days.  I need the election over so I can get back to work.

Flashback ...

Whew, I gotta go.  Bye for now.

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