Thursday, November 1, 2012

Political Home Stretch

Get it over with already, eh?  

The choice seems to me best viewed as one candidate that believes that government solves problems and the other candidate that believes we're just fine without government.

I've got no use for government except in a very limited sense:  Common defense, build and maintain infrastructure, and resolve disputes between people.  Everything else butts into my life.  

I don't want a license for my grandkid to open a lemonade stand.  I don't want some clown telling me I can't pray with everyone else before a football game.  I don't want the cost of home repairs to be tripled because the person doing the work needs to be trained in removing lead paint that doesn't exist in my home.  I don't want to be prevented from selling my elderly neighbor's produce at the farmers' market because she's too frail to withstand several hours of standing in the sun. I don't want some WDC idiot telling me what health insurance to buy or that my elderly friend is too sick to warrant medicine.

Big government sucks big time.  And all it does is create dependency.  People sit on their asses refusing to work, not needing to work, because the government checks take care of everything.  The true fraction of people that need help is overwhelmed by the selfish.

I want photo ID presented when I vote, the same way my kids need to fork one over to get a beer.

You want a better functioning government?  Cut it by 75%.  The small piece remaining will be easier to manage.

I think unions are one great big collective asswipe.  Their usefulness ended when we transited out of the Reconstruction Era.  Since then they are nothing but extortionists.  They should have completely transparent books of account, but refuse.  They refuse because they're corrupt.  They know it; we know it.  Research their pensions if you have any doubts.

Russia is run by criminals.  Our foreign policy should be cognizant of that and designed with full knowledge of its implications.  China is a paper tiger - they lost their ability to do anything offensive when they opened their economy.  They should have stayed isolationist as they developed internally.  Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, the Palestinian-Occupied Territories - should be handed over to Israel.  Israel knows how to develop a country.  Yemen should be paved over and used as a parking lot.  North Korea should become the permanent home of the Olympics - after all the communists are liquidated in huge vats of acid.  We should give Cuba to Disney.  Make it a movie lot.  Venezuela should be given to ExxonMobile, and Chavez air-dropped onto a defunct oil rig no less than 50 miles offshore.  Give him six months of food, a desalination system, and a bunch of seeds.  If he can grow his food, he lives; if he can't, bye.

Incrementalism is how we've existed for too long.  It's a waste of time.  Completely and utterly.

"Can't piss off the Arabs!" we're told.  F that.  Watch this, buddy.  See how you treated that woman?  We've gathered everything you own and soaked it in your precious oil.  We're gonna throw a match on it, but, first, climb aboard.  Git up there!

China?  We'll pay of the debt.  Relax.  And in the meantime, shut up.

The UN?  No more nothing for you.  Pack up and get out.  You've got 24 hours.  No money.  No building.  No nothing.  Just leave.

Everyone's been pussy-footing around the world.  Sick of it.

No more Affirmative Action babies running things.

Racist?  Too funny.  Take your lily-white guilt and pound it up your ass.  Not interested.

Have a nice day.

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