Sunday, January 6, 2013

jla airport

"you're doing it all wrong," my 9-year border collie Ceiligh says to the female puppy, Neala.

"what?  i gotta dump, i dump."

"that's what the bells on the door are for, goofball.  ring the bell, they take you outside.  simple."

"but," rejoins Neala, "what if nobody responds?  gramma's all sorts of wrapped up in Downton Abbey.  i'm kinda into myself.  i think Matthew and Mary make such a nice couple.  i'm so excited about the wedding!"

"you're an idiot," Ceiligh sniffs.  "it's soap opera.  may as well have a shower scene where someone gets shot as the season cliffhanger."

"why are you so jaded?"  Neala's big brown eyes look inquiryingly at Ceiligh.  "it's a nice story."

"you know what poor people ate back then?  dog.  you hear me?  dog.  you'd go piddling on the library rug and you'd wind up deep fried and served in little pieces on a stick.  you won't think it was such a nice story then."

"i gotta take a leak.  be right back."

"ring the bell, a-hole."


burning scrub wood throws a lot of heat, needs constant fueling.  oak burns slower, tougher to catch a constant flame.


rory gallager and bullfrog blues has been in my head for days.  his official website is good, but watch your volume ... kicks right into an autolaunch.  people are trying to get the cork airport renamed for him, kinda like liverpool did ...

i like the whole logo and tagline thing, but wasn't liverpool at least equally about The Beatles as about john? but then again, i'm sure yoko put his money where her mouth is.


from the jla airport front page:

that girl's smiling now, but the look on the dude's face is that he's gonna take her down.  she won't be so happy eating sand.  it's all fun and games until ...

he'll be all chest thumping, grunting, and doing some dance afterward.

she'll be, "wtf?"


"like two ships passing in the night."  i guess that's supposed to mean that these two large entities pass one another without knowledge of the passing because it's night.  same situation, add a sunrise, and they're keenly aware of each other.

but the unknowing-because-it's-night thing is all wrong.

everything has a wake behind it.  everything adjusts forward movement for forward (and sometimes past)  events.  everything operates in consistent future rhythm to past rhythm.  there is no such thing as "change."

it is impossible for two ships to pass at any time without knowledge one of the other, both generally and specifically.

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