Thursday, January 17, 2013

science of fear

gonna close the shop early today.  just need to sprawl out and relax.  was simply exhausted and short-tempered when i awoke this morning.  both seem to be ebbing at present.  i'd prefer to accomplish what i need to with the warmth of a fire and my slippers.

so the feds are now going to magically control guns somehow.  it's funny to me the civil liberties they pick and choose. "There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.  There were 8,661 homicides by firearms." versus "In 2000, approximately 1.31 million abortions were performed."

that's 151 babies aborted for every 1 homicide by firearm.  i think every restriction they place on guns and ammo - like the Kennedy-reject Cuomo slapped on mental stability - should also be put on abortion.  just saying.  i detest hypocracy.

i'm reading The Science of Fear.  very apropos to this gun and abortion comparison.  the more we hear something, the more our gut thinks it is likely - whether the data backs it up or not.  and for those of us that never quite stuck in line longer enough to our share of IQ, the gut is the only intellectual resource they have to draw upon.  so the mainstream media pound away at stories that fit their personal agenda while ignoring those that don't fit.  quantity becomes reality.  put a guy in a sealed environment with 10 monkeys, and pretty soon the guy is asking them for advice - and following it.

my biggest issue with the mainstream media is that i have concluded after a lot of considered thought on the matter that they are just bobblehead toys.  i've watched their shows.  i've seen them in other forums.  without a word-for-word script in front in of them, they have a hard time constructing thoughts and uttering coherent sentences.  it's remarkable.  it's like a nightly version of the stepford wives - these pretty (to some standard; not mine) people read scrolling text, adding a proper range of affect, and at the end say something to the effect of "good night."  at that time, they - as individuals - would be better off having the battery pulled from the base of their skull until the next night's broadcast.

without the scripts it's just painful.  i've seen Good Morning America for a segment or so at a clip.  i desperately try to continue my morning reading, but with it in the background i have this physical sense of my intellect being sucked out of me.  one can't help but stare at the tv.  they smile and say pretty things, then get this serious look on their faces as they discuss something supposedly serious.  everyone nods and sips coffee. then they get all giddy again.  i'd like to know what drugs they take so i can avoid them at all cost.  i can't say that a side-effect is a numbing of the neocortex because i think they all ingested it with that as a pre-condition.  it's like one of those Silence of the Lambs movies were anthony hopkins is sauteing the guy's brains - and in the process the guy is still alive but with only certain higher functions intact. it's sad, really.

just got 400+ pages to read.  bfn.

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