Thursday, January 24, 2013


long day.  in court from 850AM until 130PM, then 150PM to 300PM.  meeting at 330-430.  now unwinding ... whew.

oh yeah, back in court at 815AM tomorrow for a sentencing, which i need to calculate tonight.

i thought the wicked got rest in this world ... or is it the other way around?  5 pages of a rap sheet.  laughing. and not the "hey, join me, this is funny!" kinda laugh.  more like the maniacal, "stop it, you're scaring me" kinda laugh.

ok.  getting a grip.  sorta.

i wanted a dress watch  so i bought this one.  i had to get links taken out because i have thin wrists.  manly, mind you.  yes, of course, manly.  but thin.  anyway, it fits now.  i have no idea when i'll wear it.  i have my gold retirement watch that i wear everyday.  but some occasion will come up.  maybe.  dunno.

did you ever look over your shoulder and wish you could re-do some portion of your life?  no, me either.  but i do know that i regret some decisions i made.  regret the hurt it caused others.  regret the things i've lost because i put my interests first.  but i never wish to undo any of it.  it's all made me who i am today.  but i understand that boundaries are important.  and if i ever got the chance to reacquaint myself, it would be with the boundaries of today.

i can't recall if i put a picture of my car here yet ... check it out:

1966 Oldsmobile F-85.  got a 330 in it.  two barrel at present; will change to 4 barrel this spring.  got dual exhaust.  it's like a super hero car or something.  am-fm 8-track - no buttons ... you have to tune in with the knob.

i need to eat ... chat later.  bfn.

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