Saturday, January 5, 2013


silence?  what silence?

i recall days filled with thousands of words, written and spoken.  days with dozens of nonverbal communications - if not hundreds.  i laugh when i think of quickly changed statuses as communication in the Darkening Days.  really?  anyway ...

i spend my days communicating.  all day, every day.  it is the method or mechanism that changes from hour to hour, but not the substance.

i write perhaps 3 hours a day.  90% is work - motions, briefs, letters, and so on.  i talk who knows - 2 hours on the phone each day?  wherever this list may go, there is another piece of communication to which all leads, so i shall go there directly.

within me i communicate without word spoken for many hours each day.  my eyes observe a treasure.  i silently ask for advice.  i see purple behind a grey tree, and share it.  joyful moments are always shared ... i never smile alone or for myself.

easy enough to go on, but i won't.

there is no silence.  never has been.

All Saints' Day eight and counting.

i find comfort in that which comforts me.

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