Tuesday, February 26, 2013

boy howdy

yeah, yeah, yeah ... 54 years old.  um, let's see ... my 12th birthday was spent at home because i got in a shitload of trouble and got grounded for a month.  my 16th was spent getting my driver's license.  um, work with me here ... um, sorry.  i got nothing.  i'm sure more things happened on my birthdays since 1975, but nothing comes to mind.

tis a day to endure and pass on.  has nothing to do with being or not being my birthday.  i just don't celebrate them.  seems odd.

i like being told happy birthday.  then we can end it, right?  no card, present, special meal, cake, song ... nothing.  please.  nothing.  if you don't like that approach, then you don't understand - and that's ok, but don't nail what you don't get.

if only ...

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