Saturday, February 9, 2013


i like to run.  been on and off ... off too much, but need to and will correct that.  i'm a very smooth runner.  well, i guess it's natural for my body.  float like a butterfly, eh?  it's relaxing for me.

but a handful of people in my life have been doing the P90X routine.  i just bought the program, a chin-up bar, and those band thingeys.  i ain't buying his protein stuff.  i'll supplement locally if i need to.  

i've got my girlish figure at 145 pounds steady now for a few years.  i weighed 165 for a day once in my 20s.  i was horrified.  dropped to 155 real fast.  then i got to 145, which seems like a natural level for me.  i've been 130, breezed through 128 for a couple of days.  i suspect this may add a few pounds, and that's fine.  it'll be muscle.  i'm very lean, always have been.  my bmi is 20.2 - kinda sorta the lower end of normal.

concerned about my left shoulder.  it's been sensitive, i guess i can use that word, for a few years.  but over this past year it's gotten nasty.  ever since, as they say, The Accident.  see here ... watch it all, but the reference is at 3:35 or so.

always bugged me that people were laughing in the audience early on. later on is ok.  anyway ... where was i?

so i see that the p90x thing is grouped by targeted area.  i forget if it has a butt one.  i don't need that.  don't have much of a butt anyway.  but i'll skip when appropriate to the shoulder/arm one.  how the hell do you firm your butt?  isn't that more like a repository when there's too much fat everywhere else, so it needs a place to go?  so like you get your butt checks refined like a couple abs, then what?  does it change how you end your bathroom sessions?  my dogs don't really have butts, i guess.  never lifted the tail to find out.  but ceiligh usually just pinches it off and moves on.  sometimes she kinda sits and pulls herself forward on the ground to wipe or itch her butt  will i be doing that after i go through the butt dvd? 

will this thing give me tits?  i sure hope not.  abs are fine, better arm and leg strength and endurance is good.  but i don't want tits.  all guys i've seen with tits seems to have permanently erect nipples.  well, the ones that get tits from working out.  the ones that have tits because even their butt said - i've got enough down here, stick it up there - have just ... um ... can't go there.  but like having erect nipples all the time and graduating into a b cup is just not where i want to go.  i like my training bra.  and i think it likes me, but that's a different post.

alrighty, onward. if this doesn't captivate you, you just don't get it ... and that's kinda ok.  sorta.

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