Saturday, February 2, 2013


i don't understand a lot of things outside my geographical upbringing.  that kinda humors me, but is certainly frustrating at times.  for example, i don't understand why some people in the south have "junior" as a middle name.  is the next generation tagged with "the 3d" as a middle name?

i was looking over a criminal record of one junior in florida.  did almost 20 years in state prison.  but the records - depending on where you looked - are either [first name] junior [last name] or [first name, last name], jr. oh, and now i see an alias - [first name] j. [last name] ... now i'm confused.  or "confussed" as my uncle clyde used to say upon occasion.

i'm trying to get a handle on this clown's record.  he lost on kidnapping and sexual battery.  common to both crime definitions (pre-1995 FL law) was that the minor involved was under his care.  that could be his kid or not - just under his care. seems he pimped the kid out ... and over state lines, so probably towards louisiana.  he was 41 or 42 at the time he got busted.  add a few decades ... the POS will be 62 in late april.

the best way to deal with carbon-based entities like this is just like i was told by a weapons expert years ago.  he was asked what the very best protection was from gunfire.  the question seemed poised to elicit a manufacturer's name of body armor.  he said - air, and lots of it.  pure distance is the game.  

i've found in the past that such individuals are very linear thinkers.  their minds are more like the rail system built by the brits in india - a center spoke with lines running straight to the exit points.  in india, that'd be the ocean.  so these folks are capable of focusing upon what is in front of them.  they can't handle frustration because they lack a holistic mental capability.  don't be in front of them, and they are incapable of focusing on you.

sometimes the message needs to be delivered harshly. they'll whine:  "why don't you talk to me?" "why are you mean to me?" "did i do something to upset you?"

"talk to me again and i'll call the police."

always remember that bullies seek control.  push them out of control, and they'll seek different venues where they can find control.

never leave without home without a cell phone.  dialing 9-1-1 in front of them enhances the lack of control.

and always remember the history of sex offenders ... 20 years in prison is not kind.  they've learned which interactions to avoid and which they can exploit.  play off the fear and helplessness they've come to accept in their lives.  they run like little girls.

junior.  what an a-hole.

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