Monday, February 4, 2013

nighttime words

I don't recall a time not knowing.

Although I do recall a cloud that obscured my view.
It moved on, and the mist with it.
I've been clear ever since.

And through all of it
I certainly don't recall not caring.

Or not feeling.

Or not wincing at times.

Do you remember tea that warmed?
Thoughts do that, too

Particularly when its all you have.

Complications in life are self-imposed,
And not necessary.

Everything can be achieved
Without complications
All it takes
Is wanting to achieve it.

All it takes is "yes" or "OK"
It's true ... it is that simple

Course corrections occur after
The course has been joined
The inapposite is a logical fallacy

When fear is owned
It dissipates like the fog.

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