Thursday, January 2, 2014

just a few things ...

Seems that three of  the four NFL Playoff games need tickets to be sold in order to be sold out to avoid blackout rules.  The solution?  The millionaire players make a video asking fans to buy tickets.  It is to laugh.  Here's a better idea:  Buy them yourselves, then donate them to servicemen/women, shelters, etc.  You know, all those folks that contribute to this country the best way they can but can't afford the outrageous ticket prices driven by your outrageous salaries.

Ariel Sharon is circling the drain.  Sad.  Great Jew.

Read lots of reports on that ship stuck in the ice going to the Arctic or Antarctic.  Also about the icebreaker sent to rescue the ship that got stuck in the ice, too.  The helicopter sent to rescue the inhabitants of the first ship was delayed because of severe winter weather.  Lots of reports covered all of it.  But only a few reports informed us that the ship was full of warmists seeking proof of global warming.  I wonder why the mission of the journey was left out of so many reports.  If a rescue was needed of a gaggle of neo-Nazis stuck in the Colorado mountains, would that tidbit of their personal agenda be left out of any report?  Methinks not.

I'm waiting for Mapal Green Energy to announce it's going public.  Nothing yet.  Not even a hint.  Been following them for a year.

A friend of mine is halfway through his first term as a member of the US House.  Pulled his voting record.  Knew he'd be following the democrat herd.  Sad.

When an article begins like this - Duck Dynasty´s Robertson family is teaming with Mossberg to launch a line of shotguns, .22 rifles, and a pistol. The line of guns is branded Duck Commander, and includes nine different shotguns, two semi-automatic rifles and a semi-automatic pistol. According to CNN Money, the "guns will come in a ´waterfowl pattern´ camouflage design." The Duck Commander shotguns will be complimented by "military-style" .22 rifles and a AR-15-based .22 pistol. - you know it's good and good for you.  Thanks Brietbart.  Somewhat related, did you know that 2/3s of same-sex marriages are lesbians?  Odd stat, that.

Here's my Pinterest page if you're interested.  Funny how much you can learn about someone through a collection of self-selected images.  

Mother Teresa:  If abortion is not wrong then nothing is wrong; It's a poverty that a child must die so that you can live as you wish.  Any democrats out there care to comment?  Any?  Surely at least one must be willing to defend abortion at the risk of blowback for being a hater.  Yeah, that's how the dems fight, so turnaround is fair play.  If you stand up for the Bible, all of a sudden you support Jim Crow laws.  So, go ahead, attack Mother Teresa.  I'm waiting ...

Would love to stay and write more, but snow's falling ...

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