Friday, January 31, 2014

Typhoid Barry

It's a terrible thing to watch a person dissemble. Most of us have witnessed it; it's never pretty. The next-to-end stage is truly shocking - that's where the person is in utter free fall. All previous norms and morals have been jettisoned. He flails through the day in a retro-evolutionary manner which is the strongest argument I've ever seen for Darwin's musings. If presented to Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, he'd call her Betty and fart out "God Save the Queen."

President Obama is there.

I've always doubted that Obama possessed a refined set of core principles. That's not intended to be a slap. Obama, to me, defines himself aspirationally: "We need to be there," albeit "there" is an undefined pronoun. He then defines himself - to himself - reflectively: The needs and desires of those in his purview, to the extent aligned with his nebulous aspirational view, become his needs and desires.

  • Aspirational view: "People shouldn't have to worry about paying doctors if they are sick. Getting the best health care is the first priority." 
  • Reflective view: "I can't afford insurance, but I get sick just like everyone else." 
  • Result: "Free health insurance for everyone that can't afford it, funded by mandatory health insurance for those that can afford it." Note - that is, in 20 words, ObamaCare. 
Yet now, President Obama rests in a place within which he cannot thrive: No one is listening to him anymore. He’s become toxic for those running for re-election in his own party. He is now more accurately labeled “Typhoid Barry.”

In some dark way I am sympathetic to his aspirational views. As stated above concerning health care, it is hard to argue against cogently. The problem for Obama is the community that surrounded him throughout his life formed his reflective view. If that community had a different perspective, we might have seen a different outcome:
  • Aspirational view: "People shouldn't have to worry about paying doctors if they are sick. Getting the best health care is the first priority." 
  • Reflective view: "Insurance is expensive. I need to prioritize my spending to afford it, or take the minimal health care provided that I can afford." 
  • Result: "Minimum one hospital per county that must treat any patient that walks in, that hospital cannot ask first for health-insurance information, and that hospital must do all things necessary to stabilize that person's condition." Note - that is, in a few more than 20 words, our current system. 
But, alas, his community was not such. His community wants several things:
  • Free health care. Discussed above. 
  • Forced membership in labor unions. So union leaders sit on top of all the federal labor boards. Federal contracts require prevailing wages and written labor contracts. 
  • Environmental regulations completely untethered to economic concerns. From lightbulbs to drilling permits to coal regs, the costs can only begin to be calculated. And when realized, we'll be too deep to turn back. 
  • Restitution for slavery. They started with Pigford. When, by the way, do I get to line up for what the coal companies did to my family beginning 30 years after slavery ended? 
  • An end to the W Wars and the "cowboy" mentality President Bush brought to international relations. 
We could obviously continue the list. But it serves our purpose. In those five points are the demise of any person that adopts them as his or her guideposts. In order: 

Health care. Ain't nothing free, and the federal government does not earn any money - at best, it is a redistribution mechanism. And we cannot afford to give everyone health care. It is that simple. And every country that has tried it has failed miserably. Obama going all-in here has given his adversaries and fair-wind friends all the deficit ammunition ever needed. His reflective ethics have fallen short of his aspirational goal.

We know why the union focus is there. Membership has plummeted for decades, and the pensions have been raided to fund political donations to democrats. Unions are broke. Bush the Elder required them to provide detailed financial reports on the status of their pensions - before the reports came due, Clinton removed the requirement. W did like dad; Obama did like Bubba. Trace the money the feds gave to GM immediately before the BK filing - it went to the union pensions. This entire situation is nothing short of thievery. Unions are dirty, and Obama must feel cognitive dissonance in the buggery supplicant role. 

Environmentalists are the most fun. They'll stop a logger from downing a renewable resource over a three-inch flying rat, yet will not admit that wind farms are where migratory birds go to die. If you have a wind turbine near you, walk as close as you can safely to view the surrounding ground: It's an Avian Salad Shooter. There's a complete impossibility at work here: One does not switch sources and resources simultaneously. We switch our source first - get it all under our control – modify the power grid. Then we switch resources to wind and so on.

And on this same point, you know why Obama, et al., are going after commodities traders, albeit as quietly as they can? Because long after producers and consumers of large quantities of corn, wheat, etc., created this market to help them minimize revenue and cost risk, the speculators entered. And why not? It's a commodity like any other - prices fluctuate and money can be made (or lost). It's capitalism. Ah, but with speculative commodity traders (by which I mean traders that have no underlining interest in the commodity) came price fluctuations and price increases. And now that the Obama Admin has approved E15 (sticking corn in your gas tank) to appease the Environmentalists, the Admin has an interest in dampening the inflationary impact it will have on corn. "Make less money," the King said to his subjects.

The entire environmental focus is a shell game orchestrated for the benefit of the admiring children. But us adults standing behind them know it's a shell game, and Obama has to be catching on. The Cranial Torque ratchets up a notch.

Concerning Pigford and its potential progeny, there is no basis for economic reparations to a single slice of our citizenry. None. We all suffered and gained to build this country. Every one of us has given and taken. For Obama to claim some right of - as Eric Holder calls them - his people to be given preference over all the other people in this nation simply has no foundation. It's form over function; it's religion without God; it's the Little Rascals without Spanky. It's what causes that subtle eye twitch when Obama raises his left hand; the nerve package pushes his cheek upwards. "Moral demise ahead: Steep incline - Slow Down NOW!"

And the issue that pushes Obama over the edge: The reality of terrorism and despots in a world of effeminate leaders. Has Obama done anything to end hostilities? He pulls back in Iraq, and now Iraq is imploding. He’s not leaving Afghanistan – he’s being kicked out. Libya rages, and you can add several other African countries to the list of open warfare that involves us overtly or covertly. The wonderful deal with Iran is now somehow too secret to tell us about … try it sucks too much. Quit treating us stupidly.

But here’s the real issue with Obama and terrorism: Exhibits 1 and 2 are PFC Manning and Snowden. Both were basically kids that utterly raped the intelligence databases. Kids. One had a USB stick. We have to assume that the adults – true spies working on behalf of China, Russia, et al. – have been bleeding everything those kids got and more for decades. But no one talks about that. Shameful.

The world’s a dangerous place, Barry. Campaigning and governing are so very different, eh? Yet President Obama has not made the switch. Everything is still framed and delivered as a professional agitator on the streets of Chicago trying to get water from stones.

And with the blossoming of ObamaCare into the pocketbooks of millions of voters, the incumbent dems see a new Obama: Typhoid Barry.

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