Friday, February 6, 2004

The Beginning of Discovery

Following the news since Kay's recent pronouncements, it seems that the Democrats are overplaying their hand - Bush lied. Lying is a conscious, intentional act. I actually thought the leaders of the Democratic party were more sophisticated than to adopt this approach. Recall their all-eggs-in-one-basket approach on the economy ... which has blown back in their faces. They scream one issue in extreme terms, then faced with the error of their ways, they scream another issue. How Kohlberg Stage 1 of them.

It is becoming increasingly curious to read the media's reaction to Director Tenet's speech yesterday. In an article published today, entitled "Tenet defends CIA," by Warren P. Strobel and Jonathan S. Landay (KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS), the claim was made that Tenet "seemed determined to subtly retarget the blame toward top Bush administration policy-makers ..." Isn't that a perception of an unstated intention?

The article attempts to play a strong hand in the first several paragraphs, but relies too much on the writers' collective biases rather than the fact of what was said. "[S]tepping openly into a heated battle over blame for faulty assessments" presupposes the structure of the discusses - that the goal has been determined and only the means to achieve it needs to be resolved and applied. How sad. No. How pathetic ...

To establish an appropriate frame of reference for the WMD discussion, it is instructive to start with the 2003 SOTU Address. One can cut it a thousand different ways, the key phrase was and always will be - "Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent." The implication is clear to any thinking person - the threat is not at present imminent.

A comprehensive argument for the Iraq War (v2.0) is compelling reading.

Regardless of such cogent arguments, let's buy into the French way of thinking for a moment. I don't mean the Chiraq-has-something-to-hide mentality ... I mean the haughty, French-looking Kerry mentality. In that world, the war against Iraq may be properly grounded in Iraq's defiance of UN Security Counsel Resolutions. Read a comprehensive listing of the applicable Resolutions.

Now, in Director Tenet's speech, help me find where Mr. Tenet is trying to blame someone in the Bush Administration hierarchy. Why is the media trying to guide and direct the discussion into tight dimly lit corners rather than the clearer views available when all of the evidence is viewed, all of the facts welcomed? And why isn't the media giving credit where it is due on the Pakistan nuclear secrets sale issue discussed therein?

Kerry adds to this folly by asserting W was AWOL during Wartime. Kerry is pressing the issue softly now, and promising it as a post-coronation issue. The defense is readily available. And the Democrats wonder why they are losing their base and the mainstream media is losing viewers ...

W is known as a good poker player. I have never had the pleasure of sharing a table. But it is clear that Kerry and McAuliffe would be donating ...

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