Monday, February 9, 2004

i LOVE this guy!!!!!

Dr. Dean has changed his position. Now he stays regardless of the Wisconsin outcome. Motivated, no doubt, by his strong 2d in Washington.

What is behind Dean's statement of a string of 2d place finishes is the current delegate count. Dean is behind Kerry 432 - 181. I suggest equally of import is that Edwards has scooped up only 117 to date, and Clark only 84.

It must be a two-person race for a period - primary history requires it - and the delegate counts show Dean at the second person. McAuliffe's manipulating of the primary schedule to front-end the delegate counts and thereby chose the standard-bearer sooner seems to be wishful thinking. One cannot change such an important process with a dry eraser and white board.

The second motivator is most likely Dean's continued ability to attract money. And his debt is a quarter of Kerry's.

Add to it that CNN apologizes for running The Scream 633 times in 96 hours (once every 9 minutes!) ... Dean is starting to believe his press clippings - always dangerous.

Another recent change is that he says he'll accept the VP slot. But I cannot shake this feeling, deep within me ... Dean as 3d party. Because he has to, he just has to ... the system is broken ... only he can fix it. If he does, he'll need to do it in the next couple of weeks. He cannot go through March 2d and still be pleased with 2d place.

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