Monday, February 9, 2004

Intelligence Estimates

The issue of the day seems to be the veracity of W in the lead up to the Iraq War (v.2.0). The manner in which to view this is not in the extremes that the press or that haughty, French-looking guy wants. That is, W lied.
Rather, you need to balance all the information and arrive at a considered position, acting as a rational, thinking person acts.

Let's start with the simplistic position - W lied. The theory is voiced differently depending on how stupid the speaker believes the listener to be. The earth-toned, freshly shaven, Dean-loving ex-VP terms it, "Bush violated our trust." He went on to claim this blind-eyed child devotion he had for President Bush following September 11, 2001, and that the president violated that devotion. Oh, make me yammy!!!!

I read something today from a student that suggested that President Bush personally chartered a plane for OBL's family to leave the US following the WTC attacks. I assured the student that such a position was untenable.

No one, not W for the liberals or BJ Clinton for the conservatives, operate in such a closed-door, windows-shut, cigars-lit environment. Both gentlemen do the best they can under the circumstances with which they have to operate.

How they do their best differs upon what motivates them. President Clinton seemed motivated by public opinion. He wanted to be thought of highly. He wanted to raise as much money as possible not to promote the DNC but to solidify his position.

President Bush is motivated by history. He wants to do big things. Wants to be remembered on par with President Reagan. Yes, that could blind him. But I suspect that he also knows the judgment of history mostly lacks emotion. His actions will be viewed critically. So he is careful to make decisions after due consideration.

Did he lie? Absolutely not. Did he overstate the case? I think one can read his speeches and support whatever conclusion they desire. Does the situation destroy W's credibility? Gimme a break ... the entire situation may have solidified positions, but it did not change positions.

Relax, everyone, the issue isn't that important. On balance, and during this calendar year, it will be very clear that Saddam had to go regardless of anyone's view of W's intelligence pronouncements.

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