Saturday, February 7, 2004

Just to mark time ...

I need to post this just to mark time - similar to mailing a potential patent to yourself to preserve the postmark.

The Democratic Party is presently run by, controlled by, and offers only candidates and solutions from an era no longer viable. Their limited successes reflect inertia rather than value.

The party will not die, it will be reborn. It will shed the LBJ-to-BJ Clinton continuum of suspicion and deserved mistrust. Mrs. Clinton is not the party's future - she is its past. No one looks at someone as "fresh" who shows up with a train car full of baggage. Terry McAullife, similarly, will pass into the darkness of history.

The new growth will be by and through people like Sen. Evan Bahy.

It remains to be seen if Sen. Bahy will see the value in a failed run as VP under Kerry in 2004 (or whomever else the DNC will offer and will fail in this cycle) or if he will wait patiently for the Democratic beast to implode.

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