Friday, February 13, 2004

Kerry, Two

As I was driving to school today, I scanned for Imus and there it was - the Kerry interview live. They talked about several things, Kerry was allowed to pontificate ... something about the American public wanting more honesty. His logic was fine, but someone else wrote it for him.

Imus then reminds us that Kerry has been on the show numerous times and that he (Imus) had told Kerry that he was a Bush supporter. But now he was a Kerry supporter. And he wanted to know if there was anything to this intern story. Kerry said, "There's nothing to report, there's nothing to talk about, I'm not going to talk about it, the answer is no."

And that was it. The interview then went elsewhere, or nowhere - depending upon your point of view.

I find it worthy to note that Kerry chose a second-rate venture for his denial. That would certainly give it the air of not lending credence to the allegations. To underplay it. But he also simply dismissed it in that venue. If any hard eivdence surfaces, he will be publicly flogged. Remember the ducking stool? It was used, by the way, in the Charles River.

I also heard that the woman has been contacted in Kenya and her response to questions was, "No comment." That is not a denial ...

There is some depth to these waters. Let's sit back and watch how the currents pull.

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