Friday, February 13, 2004


Just a few moments available ... I do not mean to aggrandize myself when I write that I felt in the unsupportable regions of my logic that there was a there "there" when the story broke about Rush's drug dependence and his first comments on his show were that he wasn't going to comment at length - he didn't fully understand the story yet. I just knew there was something to be learned.

Now comes Kerry and I feel the same disconnect between his actions and this two-year-adulterous relationship story. Here are some of the dots in my mind that do not line up ...

Kerry has been rather free to stand on a soap box and proclaim the depth of his gratitude for serving in Viet Nam. Even statisticians have lost count of how many times he has declared himself a "war hero."

He yells from the rooftops that he was misled into voting for the war, that the country was dupee, and W was the duper.

So now this story breaks. It is an opportunity for free media. He could show up on Good Morning America or whatever of those shows has the largest audience and stand on his soap box. He could have his wife in tow. The questions would be softballs. He could dictate terms - no more than half the interview on this topic. Free nationwide press. An absolute coup. The thing campaigns dream of as they drift off to sleep.

But no. Not even close.

Kerry is going on a radio show with Don Imus.

Imus can be funny. He is also juvenile. It is neither serious journalism (nor does he claim to be) nor is it anywhere near the audience he would receive on television.

Kerry could not be silent - that would be tantamount to an admission. But his voice is being offered in half measures. Something more is out there with this story.

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