Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Liberals are so cute sometimes

Liberals are so cute sometimes, you just want to hug them. Bill Safire writes of the Democratic race post-Wisconsin. Dean can still be a player - not for himself, but for Edwards. Kerry is going to have to say something now - he hasn't given a major policy speech since December. It seems the NYT is no longer happy with fluff. The best part of the article is that Mr. Safire writes as if the matter were serious. Maybe he is writing with tongue in cheek and I am just missing it.

But a very intriguing line ends the piece. "It would mean the weekly Kerry victory parade would be over and the media pendulum could swing again, and that the pressure would be on Edwards to cut the class warfare lest he expose the deep economic split in the Democratic Party."

Cut the class warfare - tax the rich, feed the poor; lest he expose ...

Does that mean that Mr. Safire knows that the Democratic Party has the full range from destitute single moms to limousine liberals, and that if Mr. Edwards presses too hard on increasing taxes on the rich that a backlash will occur? Does Mr. Safire imply that Mr. Edwards can say whatever he pleases about shifting the tax burden, but he better stop well short of actually doing it because the limousine liberals will revolt? It is ok to talk about helping, but don't actually DO IT??!!!!???


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