Thursday, February 12, 2004

Thursday's Links

Oh my!! The dirt is being tossed far and wide. Maybe John Kerry had an affair in the recent past? Explains Dean's healthy attacks. Well, let's hope it isn't true for his marriage's sake. Maybe commentary from Taiwan omniscient. Maybe something to do with the international date line?

Crime doesn't pay. One minute lifting beer, the next a speed bump. Some aspects of Darwin's theories were right ...

Scientific American notes a gamma ray burst from nine billion light years away. Move it closer to us, a few thousand light years away from Earth, and we all would have been toasted. Wow. Some things are more important that Kerry and his foibles.

This site claims to be the largest cricket site in the world. Still don't understand the game. Any help???

A short primer on what constitutes a Swiss Bank Account. And if you are really interested, here is how to open one!!

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